Start Up Advice

I am looking for motivated entrepreneurs to work with who want real guidance, advice, and mentorship from a been there done that scrappy entrepreneur.

I am here to help you avoid the many pit falls and mistakes that I have made in my entrepreneurial journey. Get impartial answers and advice on the pressing issues facing you as the founder of your start up.

These are not coaching calls. I will act as an extension of you as your advisor. I will give you tough love straight to the point advice and feedback.

Book a free introductory 15 minute call with me in my calendar.


One-on One live sessions with me will be fast paced and actionable.

30 minute call $ 75 Usd



Book your session in my calendar after you have paid

60 minute call $ 125 Usd



Book your session in my calendar after you have paid





Money back guarantee if you do not think that you received value from our session.

Disclaimer : I am not responsible for the results of the advice provided and will not be liable for the outcomes. Please weigh the advice pros and cons and make your own decisions on course of action before making any implementations.


My Areas of Experience:

  • Start up

  • Growth

  • Raise money

  • Legal

  • Boot strap

  • Failure

  • Administration

  • E commerce

  • Manufacturing

  • Sales

  • Dispute resolution

  • Marketing

  • R & D

  • Saas

  • CRM

  • Investor relations

  • Social Media

  • Team building

  • Exits

  • Government Grants

  • Non profits

  • Public relations

  • Sustainability

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Events

  • Health & wellness